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Strapdown Associates, Inc. (SAI) is an independent Minnesota corporation founded in 1980.  SAI provides engineering consulting and educational services to aerospace companies and government agencies for design and test of aided and unaided strapdown inertial navigation systems

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Books In Stock:  Strapdown Analytics II  &  Intro-To-Strapdown-Nav Course Books

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STRAPDOWN ANALYTICS II (Brochure With Ordering Info)  - In stock only at SAI.  The second edition of Strapdown Analytics, Paul G Savage's 1,646 page two volume hard cloth cover text is in stock now and available for purchase.  The book is a detailed comprehensive tutorial of the author's knowledge in all analytical aspects of unaided and Kalman filter aided strapdown inertial navigation.  This includes not only the algorithms implemented in the strapdown system computer, but the analytics associated with system validation, test, simulation, and performance analysis.  Equations are derived from basics including intermediate steps, avoiding the common practice of referencing supporting equations to other source material.  This is not a simple book, covering some complicated analytical subjects.  Nevertheless, it has been designed for engineering analysts or graduate students having only a basic working knowledge of vector calculus and matrix operations.  Previous background in inertial navigation or navigation in general is not required.  Strapdown Analytics II - Table of Contents, Chapter 1 - Introduction

Price: $185 each for Strapdown Analytics II two part book set, plus shipping cost.

Shipping Cost by Priority Mail only: $20 in USA, $35 to Canada, $60 to Europe, $68 to Other.  See Brochure for Ordering Options, Or:

Strapdown Analytics II

Errata For Strapdown Analytics I

Errata For Strapdown Analytics II Through March 2017

 Intro-TO-STRAPDOWN-NAV Course Books (brochure With Ordering Info) - In stock only at SAI.  From 1981 to 2009, SAI provided its four and a half day Introductory Course On Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems to the general public in Minneapolis-Minnesota and on-site at contracting host facilities.  The Introduction-To-Strapdown Inertial Navigation and Strapdown Inertial Navigation Lecture Notes books used in the course and prepared by the course instructor Paul G Savage, are in stock now only at SAI, and available for purchase:

Introduction To Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems - 712 page "Yellow Book" containing the Introductory course presentation slides with accompanying detailed text descriptions.

Strapdown Inertial Navigation Lecture Notes - 376 page reformatted "Blue Book" providing descriptions of strapdown inertial sensors and derivations of key equations presented in the course.

Price: $185 each for Strapdown Inertial Navigation Course two book set, plus shipping cost.

Shipping Cost by Priority Mail only: $15 in USA, $30 to Canada, $53 to Other.  See Brochure for Ordering Options, Or:

Strapdown Inertial Navigation Course Books

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Previously Published Articles Formatted For Web Access

"Performance Analysis Of Strapdown Systems", SAI WBN-14011, June 2, 2015

"Computational Elements For Strapdown Systems", SAI WBN-14010, May 31, 2015

"Blazing Gyros - The Evolution Of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Technology For Aircraft", SAI WBN-14009, May 29, 2015

 Free Access Articles Prepared For This Website - Although every effort has been made to eliminate errors in the following Free Access articles, it is inevitable that some errors will pass undetected.  If readers plan to use the technical material for engineering projects, they are encouraged to re-verify the material by analytical means and simulation.

"Modern Strapdown Attitude Algorithms And Their Accuracy, Versus Accuracy Requirements For Unaided Strapdown Inertial Navigation", SAI WBN-14025, February 9, 2020

"Analytical Description Of Optical Gyros", SAI WBN-14024, April 3, 2019

"Analytically Deriving How Ring Laser And Fiber Optic Gyros Measure Angular Rotation", SAI WBN-14023, November 1, 2018 (Updated March 31, 2019)

"Differential Point-To-Point Relativity Under Rotation", SAI WBN-14022, May 28, 2018 (Updated November 5, 2018)

"Differential Kinematics Of Point-To-Point Relativity", SAI WBN-14021, March 11, 2018

"Improved Strapdown Inertial System Calibration Procedures - Part 1 - Procedures And Accuracy Analysis", SAI WBN-14020-1, October 20, 2017 (Updated January 11, 2018)

"Improved Strapdown Inertial System Calibration Procedures - Part 2 - Analytical Derivations", SAI WBN-14020-2, October 20, 2017  (Updated January 11, 2018)

"Improved Strapdown Inertial System Calibration Procedures - Part 3 - Numerical Examples", SAI WBN-14020-3, November 10, 2017 (Updated January 11, 2018)

"Down-Summing Rotation Vectors For Strapdown Attitude Updating", SAI WBN-14019, July 16, 2017

"Digital Integration Algorithm Error For Random Process Inputs", SAI WBN-14018, June 26, 2017

"Skewed Sensor Failure Detection Using Parallel Navigation Solutions", SAI WBN-14017, June 16, 2016

"Introduction To The Kinematics Of Point-To-Point Relativity", SAI WBN-14015, April 17, 2016 (Updated May 3, 2018)

"Designing An Extended Kalman Filter For A Stellar Aided Strapdown Inertial Attitude Reference", SAI WBN-14012, January 16, 2016

"Lever Arm Corrections During INS Transfer Alignment With Wide Angle Initial Heading Error", SAI WBN-14008, April 17, 2015 (Updated 09/05/16)

"Coarse Leveling Of INS Attitude Under Dynamic Trajectory Conditions", SAI WBN-14007, January 29, 2015

 "Moving Base INS Alignment With Large Initial Heading Error", SAI WBN-14006, October 3, 2014

"Modifying The Kalman Filter Measurement To Mitigate Second Order Amplification In INS Velocity Matching Alignment Applications", SAI WBN-14005, July 15, 2014

"Fixed Gain Digital Filter Design For Specified Phase Versus Frequency Response", SAI WBN-14004, June 29, 2014

"Schuler Oscillations", SAI WBN-14003, June 27, 2014

"Redefining Gravity And Newtonian Natural Motion", SAI WBN-14002, May 21, 2014

"Mitigating Second Order Error Effects In Linear Kalman Filters Using Adaptive Process And Measurement Noise", SAI WBN-14001, May 16, 2014

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"Blazing Gyros - The Movie (Early Preview)", SAI WBN-14016, May 25, 2016

"Geordie's Quaternion Decision", SAI WBN-14014, February 17, 2016

"Program Management", SAI WBN-14013, January 18, 2016

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